In the beginning, Facebook and Social Networking websites were started to keep people in touch with each other from any corner of the world. Today the popularity of Facebook and other social media websites is increasing swiftly, not only to keep personal touch, but for professional purposes. Advertising a product or service through a social media website gives a greater number of benefits quicker than other advertising media. Popularity of these social networking websites are growing with an increasing number of daily internet users. It allows a huge global audience to view your product or business. It is an incomparable global platform for advertisers to build brand and attract the target audience. The most up to date web design will include social media elements such as buttons, Facebook likes, Facebook updates and Twitter feeds.

Online advertising is very popular in the UK and other countries world wide. There are 30 million Facebook account holders  in the UK alone, making Social networking websites the most popular online hobby. This provides a large market for advertisers to market their product and build awareness for their business or service.

Online Branding through social networking websites becomes the latest trend in advertising. Providing information through video format is also beneficial as a part of brand building in ad campaigns with websites such as Youtube and Vimeo. Social media encourages advertisers for successful product launch, brand building and advertising through online advertising in a striking and appealing way. Social Media Optimisation (SMO) boosts your online advertising campaign.