The term blog is essentially derived from weblog and is a series of  entries of commentry displayed on a website. The entries are usually displayed in reverse chronological order. The term Weblog was first coined by Jorn Barger in 1997. Peter Merholz then jokingly split the term into “we blog” on his blog in 1999. It is from here that the term became popularised.

Modern blogging has become, for some, a perosnal online diary, in which people keep a running account of their lives, companies also use blogs sometimes titled ‘news’ to keep their clients up to date with what they are doing, or blogging about relevant information to their company which is very good for their SEO. People can view blogs, leave comments giving them the opportunity to interact. It is the interactivity that differentiates a blog from a static website.

Did you know that there is a day dedicated to blogging? Blog Day was created in order to discover previously unknown blogs. Each blogger reccomends 5 new blogs to visitors of their blog. The idea is to find 5 new, interesting blogs and advertise them to others. Blog Day is celebrated on 31st August, this date was chosen as the numbers can be read as blog when written down as 3108.

Another Day dedicated to the art of blogging is Blog Action Day. This is an annual worldworld event, in which one topic is chosen and bloggers write about it. The day is held on October 15th each annually and first started in 2007. Last year bloggers from around the world united to discuss a wide range of topics relating to water. This year Blog action Day is on the 16th October and as it coincides with World Food Day the topic will be food – Click here to take part.

Blogs can easily be incorporated into a web design, at MGT Design we favour the wordpress platform for both blogging and content management systems.