With technology changing everyday, we have already watched 3D films, bought 3D televisions but how about purchasing a 3D phone. Amazon have hit the news after they have revealed that they have produced a 3D phone which will be released at the end of July 2014 and will be so much more up to date and advanced with technology than the latest Samsung and iPhone smart phones. The Amazon Fire phone is built with a dynamic perspective, making it appear to be 3D without having to wear special 3D glasses to see the in-depth effects. Instead, it contains four sensors at the front of the camera which can sense when you move your head or when you move your eyes, so that when reading you never have to touch the screen. The Amazon Fire phone is predicted to reach high sales, being a phone that is so advanced with the latest technology.

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Amazon Fire Phone

Today’s world is all about the Internet and ways that people can use the Internet more easily on the go, through smart phones and tablets. The Amazon Fire phone does exactly that and gives the user easier ways of browsing and purchasing products or services online. The Amazon Fire phone not only contains the latest technology for smart phones, but it also contains technology to use the Amazon services whenever you like. Amazon is widely used by consumers all over the world, being a popular e-commerce site that sells a huge variety of products at competitive prices to other retailers. The Amazon Fire phone will make the searching and buying process even easier for customers. If they see something that they like, simply point the phone at the item and the phone will do all the work for you, using the latest Firefly technology.


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The Amazon Fire phone is built using with extremely powerful performance that can outweigh the technology of many other smart phones. The Fire phone has a battery life that can last for up to 22hours of talk time and 285 hours of standby time. It has an ultra fast launch time, meaning that there will be very little time in waiting for Apps or websites to load. The screen quality and the graphics are outstanding which will be a benefit to using games, watching video or looking at pictures on your phone. The screen also adapts to indoor and outdoor light, making it easier to view what is on the screen.

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Android and Fire OS

The Amazon Fire phone runs on Amazon’s Fire OS, which is their own operating system, but is built with the ability to use Android apps. This means that those that use the latest Amazon Fire phone will be able to download all the latest and popular Android apps through the Amazon App Store. This also makes it easier to use, meaning that apps that are developed for Android will work on the Amazon Fire phone.

Developing OS

MGT Design is always excited about all new technology and with our experience in developing Apps for the latest iOS for iPhone and the latest OS for Android, MGT Design can’t wait to start developing for the Fire OS, for the Amazon Fire Phone and look forward to developing with the latest Dynamic Perspective SDK.  Today is all about the mobile app and, as developers, keeping up to date with the latest operating systems so that they will always work on the latest smart phones.

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amazon-dynamic-perspectiveDynamic Perspective

With the various sensors and camera’s that are on the front of the phone, there is so much that you are able to do to enter a 3 world on your phone as well as look into maps and also be able to read information on your phone without having to scroll up or down as the phone will know where you are in reading the page and will automatically scroll for you without having to touch the screen. The dynamic perspective also allows you to move the phone in various ways to do certain things. You can Tilt, to navigate through the phone, Swivel for notifications and accessing certain actions such as Firefly and Peek which reveals certain information only when you need it to stop phone clutter.


The Amazon phone contains Firefly technology. This means that it can recognise almost anything that you point it to with the camera on the phone. It will recognise any text such as phone numbers and email addresses, it will recognise thousands of films by using X-Ray which is powered by IMDB, which then will bring up information on the film as well as the actors that are staring in the film. Firefly technology will also recognise any song that is being played at that moment in time, so that you know who the artist is and what song is playing. It will also recognise any book, CD, DVD and many other products that you point the camera at. The Firefly technology will ultimately give you the information that you would like and will also give you options to purchase the product that you have asked it to recognise, through Amazon. For instance, if you turn the television on half way through a film, you point your camera at the television and the Firefly technology will inform you of what film it is and will give you the option of downloading the film, adding it to your wish list or purchasing the film all through your Amazon account.

amazon-mayday-logoMayday Support

Gone are the days of having to phone up someone about having problems with your phone or having to take time out of your day to go to a local phone store to get a problem resolved, the Mayday option gives you the opportunity of talking to an Amazon technology expert through a live video call, within seconds, where you are able to see someone who will not be able to see you, you can simply just talk to them.

The Future for Smart Phones

mgt-design-amazon-frogThe Amazon Fire phone could be the future for smart phones. This is a phone that does everything that you want it to without you having to do very much. The technology that it has makes buying online even easier, the dynamic perspective gives the user a sense of the phone being 3D and also means that the user can read a page of text on the phone without having to physically scroll down, as the clever sensors know which part you are currently reading. The world is filled with new technology for people to try out and each year is advancing so rapidly.The smart phone, along with other smart devices is where technology is developing the most. Initially it was all about a phone being touchscreen and now it is all about mobile apps and constant battles between smart phone developers on who can bring out the most advanced phone. It looks like Amazon has kept this new phone very well hidden and surprised everyone with the Amazon Fire, the question is will Samsung and Apple be quick to catch up.