Image: Bandai

At MGT Design we like to keep a close eye on the latest technology news and yet again we are surprised to see something vaguely familiar hitting the news rather than something entirely new. It seems as though we are going to be seeing the return of numerous 90’s gadgets this year with so far the Nokia 3310 being released and now the return of the popular Tamagotchi game.

Those who were children at the time of the original Tamagotchi release back in 1996/1997 will remember how important it was to look after their virtual pet, as soon as it had hatched from an egg you would have to feed it, clean up after it and most importantly not neglect it otherwise it would die and you would have to start over again. When many schools across the country banned the popular gadget you had to give your parents the important task of looking after it between 9am – 3pm, oh what fun they must of had!

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A scary 21 years on since the original release of the Tamigotchi, Bandai have re-released the six original characters of this handheld, egg shaped game. It is currently available to purchase on Amazon Japan for approximately £14 and may soon make its way over to Europe and the UK.

Some people may be saying what’s the point in the re-release of this 21 year old gadget and why is it not just an App you can purchase for your smart phone, but there is nothing that could compare to the original handheld egg shaped game. Also if it is aimed at younger children it is best to keep this as a toy rather than an App for a phone and let children play with proper toys rather than smart phones and tablets.