When was the last time you properly updated your website? Think about it. A lot of people tend to forget this. It’s important to keep your website up to date as this shows relevance. Having fresh content is rather ideal for SEO because it will help your website have higher search engine rankings. If your website is not up to date ‘Spidering’ will take place, this is a course of action when Google does not visit your website simply because it doesn’t have new material. In this case Google has no motive to send its users to a website that barely gets updated instead they will direct them to websites that constantly have brand new content. If you know your products or services don’t vary regularly its best you have a plan in place in order to keep your website relevant to competitors. The plan could be to have a blog, social media feeds, RSS, forum, news feed, gallery or new testimonials from customers. Easter is a big seasonal holiday and it’s only round the corner, therefore it’s essential to contain a web design that embraces it. Since Easter takes place during spring its good if your website consists of bright colours that represent spring and hot weather as this proves you’re keeping busy and active on your website. This attracts and stimulates potential customers by influencing them with the impression that your company is current and trustworthy. Maintaining a website with new content is a time supply venture, it’s not expensive to put into action the points and features I mentioned above onto your website. If you have a tight budget and want to frequently add new content to your website there are professional web design agencies such as MGT Design that can help you for a good price. MGT Design can offer services like redesigning various parts of your web design such graphics and icons or feed social media elements to your website, which saves you going to the expensive of a complete redesign.