QR Codes are suddenly becoming very popular, because of the rise in people using smart phones such as iPhones, Blackberry, Palm, HTC, the list goes on. Most Smartphones come with the QR application installed, if you do not have it then there are many third party applications to download. You may have seen these black and white blocks of pixels on boxes of cereal, magazine adverts, postcards, bottles, cans and wondered what they are? QR simply stands for Quick Response and can hold more information than a traditional barcode. We were recently asked by Camp Royale to create a unique QR code to store the details of each individual who purchased that ticket, this was so the security at the gate could easily scan each ticket coming through the gate using their smart phones.

QR Codes can work well on both printed material and web. If you scan our example code at the top of the page this QR code will open up your mobile phone internet browser (Such as Safari on the iPhone) and direct you to the MGT Design homepage. This is great in printed material such as a magazine advert or promotional flyer / postcard as you can direct the potential customer to a page related to that advert or promotion. You could also have a hidden page on your website only accessible by scanning the QR code great for giving a discount such as 10% off. QR codes are also great to use within your web design If you view our Contact Us page you can see a QR code, if you scan that using your smart phone your phone will automatically call MGT Design without you having to type in our number.

How Can I use QR codes in my business?

Contact MGT Design today and we can come up with a great marketing strategy to help you use QR codes both digitally and printed, the possibilities of what you can do with QR codes are endless.