flash-logoFlash based websites are popular due to its interactivity and enormous features that gives your website live and stunning looks. It can also help in attracting more visitors to your website. Cross-platform compatibility, Animations, Games, Vector graphics, Video and many more reasons have made flash popular among internet users. With advantages of websites containing flash there are also some drawbacks of flash based websites.

Nowadays, more and more people use the most modern devices such as iPhones, iPods, and iPads . These devices have become the preferred method in accessing the internet and checking e-mails. Flash websites cannot be viewed properly on these devices and becomes a major drawback of flash websites. There are some browsers and software that converts flash to view on your iPhone, but the outcome is not the same. Most major businesses avoid flash based websites and prefer a web design without flash due to various reasons including the above. In addition, users have to install flash player in their browser to see your website. If some users don’t have flash player or a lower version of flash player they cannot view the flash part of a website. This means that they prefer to ignore flash websites. Slow website downloading and search engine optimisation of Flash websites are a few other additional drawbacks of a website with flash.

Websites without flash are easily accessible from internet or mobile phones. In addition, you can find various dynamic features and advanced tools to satisfy your target audiences. MGT Design have started to use javascript for animated banners instead, which is funny because going back six years ago I remember Javascript not working as well when using Apple’s internet Browser Safari. You can provide effective layouts with the most modern features in a website without flash. It is also cost effective, SEO friendly, updated easily and using some of our latest content management systems you can change animated images without the help of your website designer.

Finally, it depends on website owners to have a web design with flash or without flash, but always remember to consider your target audience before preparing websites.