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June 2014

Holiday with your Smart Phone

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Your smart phone is the one essential item to take with you on holiday. It has everything that you need, so all you need to do is pack your smart phone and leave everything else behind. There is no longer any need to take a separate camera, music player, map or journal. Just make sure […]

Smart Phone Evolution

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Who would ever of thought that a mobile phone, which was simply used to phone people, would evolve into the smart phone that it is today; a phone which you can do so much on. Today, over 70% of the UK population alone, own a smart phone and each person will use their smart […]

Google Glass

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It is no surprise that technology is changing and everyday we are hearing about new exciting products that will hit the market. Last week it was all about the Amazon smart phone, which is a smart phone that can do almost anything. We have also heard about a smart watch, being able to do […]

Amazon Fire Phone with Firefly Technology

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With technology changing everyday, we have already watched 3D films, bought 3D televisions but how about purchasing a 3D phone. Amazon have hit the news after they have revealed that they have produced a 3D phone which will be released at the end of July 2014 and will be so much more up to date and advanced with […]

Marketing on Different Platforms

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The online world is growing everyday and businesses can use this to their advantage and take hold of every opportunity out there. Businesses can now use different digital platforms to market themselves on, by using either one or all of them. These platforms include websites, mobile apps and social media sites. For a business […]

Stay Ahead in the Marketing Game

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In business, marketing can be very competitive between companies. Each company will always try to outdo the other, making it a very competitive marketing game. At Christmas time you will see lots of companies advertising on the television, for instance, and each one striving to have the best and most memorable advert for the Christmas […]