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October 2014

Britons are Addicted to their Smart Phones

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Recent research has unveiled that Britons are addicted to their smart phones with one in three users checking their smart phone within five minutes of waking up in the morning. So what is it that is making us Britons so addicted to our smart phone?
The Smart Phone
The phone has advanced so far from its original […]

The Latest Google App – Google Inbox

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Almost everyone has their emails on their smart phone, with an App such as Apple Mail or Google’s Gmail. This makes it easy for people to access their emails through their phone rather than having to keep logging in through the Internet or having to load up their computer. As good as it can be having […]

Can Apple Maps Connect help your Business?

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The map app on any smart phone is a popular App for smart phone users. The map app can be used for directions, for seeing how many miles away a destination is and for using in the car as a Sat Nav. Google Maps is used on most phones, especially Android phones. Apple released […]

The Smart Way to Pay

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In the modern world many people will go out shopping, to the cinema or for a meal with just a credit or debit card. Today the need to take money out is not so popular and if you took a survey you would most probably find that more people are carrying less cash as […]

The History of the Apple iPhone

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The Apple iPhone is one of the most popular smart phones. Each year there is a new release and Apple keep any information about the phone very well hidden which builds up a lot of suspense. Excited customers will spend weeks waiting for the new phone release so that they can be the first to […]