The map app on any smart phone is a popular App for smart phone users. The map app can be used for directions, for seeing how many miles away a destination is and for using in the car as a Sat Nav. Google Maps is used on most phones, especially Android phones. Apple released their own maps app called Apple Maps in 2012 for all iPhone and iPad users. Apple are a company that are always releasing new updates and will always make sure they are always up to date with the latest technology. Apple like to think of new ways to make life easier for their customers and that also includes businesses.


On the 21st October 2014 Apple released a new web portal called Apple Maps Connect which is aimed at smaller businesses so that they can add all of their business information onto the portal for free. Everyone wants their business to grow and to be added to as many local and online directories as possible. Small businesses particularly need as much help as they can to get out there in the world of business and this is where Apple Maps Connect can help.

The sign up process is very simple for businesses to start using Apple Maps Connect. You can sign in with an existing Apple ID or you can create a new one for free. You then will receive a verification code which is either sent to a mobile phone number which you have provided or to your business email address. During the set up process you can add as much information as you like such as your business address, your website, opening hours as well as the products and services which you provide. You can even add links to your social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter and other directories that your business is using such as Yelp.


At the moment Apple Maps Connect is only available in the United States, however it won’t take long for it to be available to more countries across the world. As soon as Apple Maps Connect reaches the UK, it will be a great way to get all small businesses onto the Map. Customers using Apple Maps will be able to easily find the business which they are looking for and will be able to find all the necessary information on there that they may need. From there they can choose to visit the business itself or do some primary research first and look into the information that has been provided through Apple Maps Connect, where the customer will be able to go to the website of that business and even link to them on various social networking sites.