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MGT Design offer very powerful SEO. At MGT Design, we have a team of SEO specialists who can assess and achieve your SEO marketing strategy.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is the term used to optimise your website to appear on the major search engines for your chosen keywords such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. It would be great if every company could set a brand new website live such as a toy shop and their target audience automatically find them by searching for the keyword ‘toy shop’ that would be brilliant. Unfortunately due to the age of websites and other websites also having SEO, the chance that particular website would appear on the first page of a search engine would be like finding a needle in a haystack and this is why your website needs SEO.

It is important that your website has search engine optimisation within it. This means that your website will have a greater chance of being found by your possible customers. Most of the time people search for a keyword and will go with a website that is found on the first page of a search engine site. This is why it is important that your website will one day be on page one of Google, for instance.

Latest SEO Techniques

Search engines such as Google have an algorithm to rank websites to the front page by popularity in various forms such as a well-built website with onsite SEO where we perform internal link building and on themed and high page ranking websites, article writing, social media, directories, Google Maps etc.

Our SEO team can look after your complete SEO campaign by researching relevant keywords, performing onsite SEO, social media, link building, article writing, forum and blogging, or you can choose your own amount of SEO work by viewing the options below.


SEO Services we offer to help your website!


Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the term used for getting found on all major search engines for your chosen keywords. Onsite SEO is the first step for a successful SEO CampaignFind Out More
Article submission is very important for an SEO campaign. A website is deemed popular by Google and other major search engines because it shows people are talking about either your website or business.Find Out More
MGT Design offer an organic link building services complying with search engine guidelines. Building link popularity is the most difficult and time consuming process of search engine optimisation (SEO) Find Out More
We perform social bookmarking in all popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, RSS submision, Blog commenting. Social bookmarking helps a website search engineFind Out More
To get traffic to your website and to show off a latest product you have on offer, press release submission is a good way to do it. Will can help write and distribute your press release.Find Out More
MGT Design offer directory submission to regional internet directories. We submit your website to region specific directories which will benefit any area specific keywords to your website. Find Out More

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