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September 2012

Five steps to a successful website

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Studying the website audience
It’s important to know who your audience is, in order to have a better understanding of who they are. It’s your duty to be attentive towards their needs and expectations. This will therefore award you with an insight of the best way to increase the size of your audience. Making clients […]

May 2012

Internet marketing tips for beginners

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Many people know what internet marketing is but in this day and age some people are still in the dark about what it actually is. Countless people hear about how the internet is a great platform to start a business but they are not aware that it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Internet […]

Mobile Compatible Web Design

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In this day and age having a smartphone seems to be the norm. People are constantly browsing the internet through their phones and tablet devices whether it’s checking emails, watching videos on Youtube or logging into social media networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook. The number of people that shop online using their […]

April 2012

New Facebook Timeline Web Design

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Facebook has a new look and feel. Profiles can now have the new timeline, users get the choice to convert to the new timeline or stick to the old layout. The timeline was proposed in December 2011 and many users have already pampered themselves to the new look. The idea of the timeline first […]

Easter is arriving – Give your web design a spring clean

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When was the last time you properly updated your website? Think about it. A lot of people tend to forget this. It’s important to keep your website up to date as this shows relevance. Having fresh content is rather ideal for SEO because it will help your website have higher search engine rankings. If […]

January 2012

Anton Du Beke visits Northampton

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This month Anton Du Beke and Erin Boag kick off their ‘let’s do it tour’ at The Royal & Derngate Theatre in Northampton following last year’s sold out UK tour.

Both Anton and Erin are from The BBC’s Saturday night favourite show ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ who will dazzle the audience with their new Choreography and ballroom magic. They […]

December 2011

Christmas Web Design

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Yesteryears asked us to create a Christmas web design and decorate their website as toy shops are one thing Christmas is all about. We subtlety changed Yesteryears web design, with fairy lights, Santa’s letter and shop visit page, a Christmas competition and the odd Christmas Tree.

June 2011

Importance of Site Speed for Improving Website Ranking

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Page Ranking is an important factor when optimising your website. There are various factors that major search engines calculate for when ranking websites such as topicality, relevance, value-add, reputation, etc. Google takes 200 factors for calculating your website ranking. Recently Goggle has added site speed to the Google Analytics tracking data. In Google Analytics tracking […]