JivoChat Gains More Customers

JivoChat can help you gain more customers and increase your online sales. When a customer is looking through your website the JivoChat box will pop up automatically to attract your customers to get in touch with you and chat to you live then and there. This helps entice a customer to talk to you especially if they are after something in particular or if they need to know more information about the products or services which you provide such as the prices of a website or how long a website will take to build.

Collect Customer Information

Your customers can leave information such as their name, email address and telephone number so that you can contact them directly and more personally about what they are asking, or if you feel you can explain certain information easier over the phone rather than over JivoChat. Over time you can collect the information that your customers leave and use this information in the future to offer them your products or services. JivoChat also provides information such as where they are chatting to you from such as London, Manchester or even somewhere abroad. JivoChat will also show you what page your customer is looking at on your website and where they have started to chat to you from. For example if your customer is looking at the Web Design page then you know that they may be after a new website or if they are looking at the Graphic Design page then they may be after business cards or a poster.

JivoChat Customer Information

JivoChat is Always Present

JivoChat is always present on your site, even if you are not. When you are logged into JivoChat your customers will see that you are online to chat to them live, whereas when you are away or not logged in the JivoChat box will say to leave a message and that you will get back to them, so that customers can still ask the important questions that they would like answers to. JivoChat provides you with an online admin system which you can access through your computer or through the JivoChat App. This means that no matter where you are you can always stay loggged in to chat to your customer, even when on the move. You can also have more than one user on your JivoChat subscription so that you can make sure that someone is always logged in if you are away from the office.

JivoChat Devices

JivoChat Branding

With JivoChat you can match the Chat box to your branding so that it fits in well with your website and suits your brand colours. You can also add a picture to the Chat box which can be a picture of your logo or of one of the users so that your customer feels as though it is a more personal live chat and can see who they are talking to. You can also amend the messages which the chat box comes up with it to make it more personal to your brand such as “Chat to MGT Design” or “Send MGT Design a message”. This also makes your website different to others that may be using the JivoChat service.


Subscribe to JivoChat

A live chat system is something that all websites should have as it will always gain you more custom. As the online world is so big and forever growing, you will find more customers are online now and this is where you need to be attracting them from. Customers can easily get in touch with you rather than searching for a contact form to get in touch with you that way. If JivoChat is something that you would like installing onto your website then click here to subscribe today. You can also visit JivoChat to find out more information about this service and try the 2 week free trial.